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Mutual Fund The new Way Of saving

Mutual Fund - Saving ka naya tareeka

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about savings? May not be Mutual Funds. There are more doubts about investing in mutual funds than knowing benefits of investing in mutual funds. These doubts had kept some of you away from Mutual Funds, but there were many who were benefiting from the burgeoning Mutual Funds industry that has grown from being a single player market- UTI established in 1963- to 44 players. Many investors had made the most of their rising income by investing in Mutual Funds. Moreover, rising disposable income has encouraged investors to look beyond traditional investment avenues.

Even though the signs were encouraging amongst savvy investors, retail investors relied on tried and tested options. It was discovered that apart from the doubts and misconceptions associated with Mutual Funds, one of the main reasons for low Mutual Funds awareness was the fact that there was never a genuine or trusted forum for retail investors to clear these doubts. Identifying this as a major concern, the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) in the year 2009, initiated focused efforts towards retail investors by forming an AMFI Investor Awareness Programme Committee (AMFI IAP). One of the main objectives of this initiative was to reach out to investors and create awareness about Mutual Funds across India. It also aimed to educate and clear various misconceptions associated with Mutual Funds and to reposition Mutual Funds as a new way of saving.

This website is designed to serves as a platform for retail investors to know and educate themselves about investments in Mutual Funds. Moreover, it also serves as a channel to connect with Mutual Fund Awareness Programmes as conducted by Mutual Fund companies.

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