AMFI - RSS Feeds Help  
What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS feeds are an easy and efficient way to recieve notification when new information is available in a specific area of interest. RSS is a defined standard based on XML with the specific purpose of delivering updates to web-based content. We use RSS 2.0.

RSS allows us to publish our headlines through multiple sources that subscribe to our feeds. Individuals or outside news aggregators can subscribe to our RSS feeds and our news will be readily available through more channels. You can subscribe to all kinds of news, blogs, and information through various websites that offer RSS (in addition to our feeds) and have them delivered to your RSS Reader automatically.

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How Do I Subscribe to the RSS Feed?

You can click on the RSS button () which will display the RSS formatted page. Copy the URL or web address into your RSS reader and that's about it. The Feed Reader will periodically check for updates on our website and automatically download the new headlines.
What is RSS Reader? Where Do I Get An RSS Reader?

RSS Reader is nothing but an application which reads RSS Feed which is a standard XML format. Lots of email programs now include support for RSS Feeds. There are also several FREE RSS Readers available for download. Below are some links to FREE RSS Readers.
NOTE: We do not endorse or provide technical support for any RSS Reader. If you have problems using a reader, please consult the software manufacturer's help documentation.

What Will I See?

As we add news stories and events to the website, your RSS reader will display the date of the story, a headline, and a link to the story on our website. You just click the link to go to the detailed story.